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Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Please read the school notice board for any other information and to know the

  2. Parents must check the school bag and the diary of the child every

  3. Parent should spend sufficient time with the child to ensure the good level of understanding and they must participate in the school

  4. Student should return the progress report duly signed by their parents/guardians within seven days of receipt.

  5. Parents are requested to cooperate with the school in the observance of its rules and code of conduct.

  6. Avoid social engagements or medical appointments for your child during the school

  7. Children must not be absent on the closing / reporting day or whenever there is a school function.

  8. Children should be present on the day of closing and reporting before and after the

  9. Parents are required to reach their children’s school fifteen minutes before the scheduled The school timings will differ from season to season Parents are advised to. checkthe school timings from the school authorities time to time.

  10. In order to get the update status about the child’s progress parents are required to have interaction with the respective class teacher on regular intervals.

  11. Parents are requested not to go directly to the class to meet the teachers as they will not be able to leave their classes to attend

  12. School authorities issue separate “PARENTS CARD” to the parents, to pick up the child form the

  13. Parents need to show the same I card at the reception and then only the child will be handed over to them.

  14. Misplace of the I-card or parents card, must be reported immediately to the school authorities.

  15. If the child is absent, then parent must report the same to the school authority telephonically on the same

  16. A leave application to be sent to the class teacher next day of the leave.

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